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Hi mates! Here are some job interview tips, they are very important, so check them out.

job interview is a few minutes of small talk, meet and greet chatting and then getting into the meat of the interview which is, what is your background, education experience, how can you be of benefit to a company. The problem is, that some people get very nervous or they do not know what to do. I give you some tips:

· Always dress very professionally for every interview, it does not matter what position you want.

·The first thing you can do in an interview is to make a great impression, make eye contact, smile, and give a nice, firm handshake to your interviewer, nd don't forget to ask for the job before you leave.

· When more than one person is interviewing you, it's important to make sure that you adapt your communication style to both of those individuals, it is like giving a presentation or a speech to many people.

· The interviewer clearly knows what's not working in the interview. You can ask some question about how can you support your ideas for them.

· Employers are not allowed to ask any questions relating to ethnicity, family status, childbearing status, anything that relates to culture, gender, family status, anything like that.

· The end of the interview is where you really have the oppurtunity to shine, and the best way is to wait for that employer to ask you some questions, and you can answer giving them another question about taking the job because they won’t be waiting for something like that, but that is a perfect oportunity to make sure that you are taking the job.

· If an employer doesn't call you back after an interview, don't be shy about calling them. It's very important for you to be proactive about your career search. Don't wait. You have to be very sure at the interview that they remember your name.

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