miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008


Hi friends... Do you remember the last interview? Well, I asked the same questions to one of my classmates and my boyfriend, and here are their aswers.


He thinks that an engineer is someone who is trained or professionally engaged in branch of engieenering. He chose the computer science because he liked it and it is a very nice carrer. He said, to be a good engineer you have to like science and math, you need a tecnical knowledge and practical ability.

When he completes his education he wants a job where he can implement his knowledge of the career and learn about new technology. He thinks that being an engineering student does not have a difficult part. He recommend engineering because it is a nice career and you can learn about the technology.


He thinks that engineering is a complete profession, he said that it includes a lot of skills, professionals and individual skills like: creativity, knowledge. Victor chose electronics engineering because he loves technology and he wants to be part of it.

He thinks that to be a good engineer you have to be a very good student, very responsable, becuase if you really want to be an Engineer you will no have time for nothing more than study, then you will se the benefits in the future, you will improve your knolegde, you have to be very outgoing.

When he completes his education he wants to work for an international company where he can show and improve his skills. Also he wants to graduate with good grades and view the benefits of his scholarship. Victor wants to support his parents, help them, and of course have his own family working as an Engineer for an international company.

He recommends engineering because it is a carreer where you learn science, numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works. In his opinion Engineering is a complete career.

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